Portfolio/Woocommerce Website With Customized Calculator



E-Commerce website powered by Wordpress + WooCommerce with custom product templates.

Our client sells 130+ paint colours in three different can sizes. Each paint colour comes in up to 8 different finishes. Each finish and paint volume has different price.

Purchase workflow:

  1. Customer chooses paint colour
  2. Customer chooses surface type to paint
  3. Customer selects finish available for chosen surface type
  4. Customer selects how many cans of what sizes to order.

(Online paint calculator helps customer calculate the required paint volume for a given room size and translates it to the cheapest set of can sizes.)

To minimize the amount of inventory to manage in Woocommerce and enable the required purchase workflow, we created a system to handle paint colors as grouped products in Woocommerce. Individual products (can sizes available for each finish) are linked to grouped products (colors).

The purchase workflow is done by developing custom product template.